Effectivness of Psychoanalysis after 600 sessions


Effectiveness of Behavior Therapy After 22 Sessions


Effectiveness of Hypnosis after 6 sessions


Effectiveness of Psycho-Energetic Therapy after 3 sessions

Thank you for a wonderful recuperation. I have lived with the pain so long, I was absolutely surprised to feel what it felt like to be without it. I had tried everything and was skeptical to say the least. For the first time in a year, my condition is near normal. I am extremely grateful.

Gwen W.

Alex’s psycho energetic technique made me feels better right away. I am quite sure that ultimately it was these sessions with Alex, which got me on the track with myself – which is now, 2 months later, working perfectly! Thank you Alex!

Robbie J.

I have Alex as my counselor for a few years and just had to express my appreciation for all his wonderful work. As he works on my issues, my life is changing.
I feel confident, balanced and happy. Within an amazingly small amount of time, he has helped me through things that would have taken years to get through or would never have been addressed at all.

Paul K.

High quality of knowledge, experience and practice. It was a great counseling, and it has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Thanks a lot.

Evelyn B.

After our session I woke up the next morning feeling ‘happy.’ This is an almost unknown phenomenon for me. I almost didn’t recognize the feeling. Enormously better psychologically. Thank you so much…

Roberta B.

This is the best I have learned to date. Triadic concept is really working and helpful not just in theoretical modeling, but in practice and real life situations. I've been impressed how powerfully this concept works in psychological and psycho-therapeutic applications.

Valery V.

I have had several sessions with Alex, both online and in person. I am consistently amazed at how powerful and effective his coaching is. Thank you Alex – you give me hope…

Joseph K.

I have been learning and practicing Alex’s psycho-energetic programs for a few months now. I can’t tell you how much he has influenced our way of thinking and attitude, and it is already beginning to have a big impact in my lives. I would strongly recommend these programs for anyone!

Winston M.

After 32 years of heavy smoking I have quit after just one session with Dr. Alex. It was a shock for me because I have previously so many attempts and failures. No craving, no discomfort or withdrawal symptoms. Thank you very much!

Luis M.

It was amazing. The best experience of the many modalities that I’ve taken. I have never experienced such relieve, synergy and balance…Dr. Alex - you just return me back to life - thank you so much!

George S.

I am so grateful to come away with powerful psycho energetic techniques. This was my initiation into the new life! Everyone should do this for themselves…

Robert G.

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Alex Zolotov Ph.D, LPC