Alex Zolotov

Psychotherapist, counselor, hypnotherapist

PH.D., Licensed Professional Counselor #: PC013868. 
My name is Alex Zolotov and I am psychotherapist with high educational background (Ph.D.) in a both worlds – former USSR and USA. I have several published books and articles. But major thing is – I am practicing professional with about 30 years experience. My constant learning and experimenting with new approaches allow me to develop methods and techniques which is work in real life.

My Skills

• Psycho-Energetic Psychotherapist
• Advanced NLP Practitioner
• Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner
• Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist
• Addiction Transforming Counselor
• Life Coaching Therapist


Effectivness of Psychoanalysis after 600 sessions


Effectiveness of Behavior Therapy After 22 Sessions


Effectiveness of Hypnosis after 6 sessions


Effectiveness of Psycho-Energetic Therapy after 3 sessions

My Counseling Style

I strive to help my clients access their own unique strengths and resources, which can become obscured in times of prolonged stress or during an acute challenge.
My clients often state that they appreciate my interactive style, and my use of questioning, exploration, reflection, humanity, and humor.
I may be practical around specific life challenges. I also may be more direct and structured when working with my clients to address behaviors or choices that may be harmful, such as substance use. I also provide psycho education for my clients.

My Counseling Approach

I am using system modeling approach which consider individual as a body, mind and energy wholeness.
Accordingly, I have selected, adopted and developed numerous of techniques and methods which is proven over the time and demonstrate quick and reliable results and effectiveness. I am specifically concentrating on rapid, sometimes instantaneous challenging methods, as well as deep restructuring and transformational methods which we call “Psycho Energetic Shift”.

I honor my clients’ conscious thoughts, perspectives, and ideas about their presenting issues or challenges and also explore and facilitate energy feelings, and body sensations that are less conscious, less confusing and less painful, but may be clues to your problems and help to resolve them.