advanced psychotherapy to rebuild your inner harmony

Are you looking for assistance in resolving psychological issues? Or you ready for changes in your life and want psychological support?  You've got the right place here.  My name is Alex Zolotov and I am ready to help you with all my knoweledge,  and over than 30 years practical experience in psychology, psychotherapy and counseling.
My system modeling approach considering individuum as a body, mind and energy wholeness. Accordingly, I have selected, adopted and developed numerous of techniques and methods which is proven over the time and demonstrate quick and reliable results and effectiveness. I am specifically concentrating on rapid, sometimes instantaneous challenging methods, as well as deep restructuring and transformational methods which we call “Psycho Energetic Shift”.”.

Counseling Approach

I strongly believe that each individuum has enough internal resources for recovery, developing and being in good shape. We want to know how to engage, effectively use and maintain such resources and support our internal power in problematic or demanding situations..

My Services

Here are some of the services that I provide.
1080 N. Delaware Ave., Suite 202, Philadelphia, PA 19125
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About me

Alex Zolotov Ph.D., LPC

Psychotherapist, Counselor, Hypnoterapist

I am psychotherapist with high educational background (Ph.D.) in a both worlds – former USSR and USA. I have several published books and articles. But major thing is – I am practicing professional with over 30 years experience. My constant learning and experimenting with new approaches allows me to develop methods and techniques which is work in real life.